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Enter your VPS IP address,check the checkbox SSH and click on Open. You will be prompted for the Password,Enter your Password and hit Enter. You are connected to your Linux VPS through SSH from Windows system.

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  • How do I connect to a VPS via SSH?

  • Connecting to VPS using SSH (Mac OS X Linux) If you are connecting from a Unix-like machine (Mac OS or Linux), then the command to connect is simply: ssh [user]@ [ip address] where [user] is your user name, typically root, and [ip address] is the ip address of the virtual machine.

  • How do I log in to my VPS?

  • Where username is the username that you want to log in as on the VPS, and host is the IP address of the VPS. There are further things to add to this command if you have chosen a different name or location for your created ssh keys, or if your server uses a non-standard port for ssh.

  • How to connect to SSH from Windows system?

  • In order to connect to SSH from Windows system, first you will have to install Putty Terminal client. Download the Putty Terminal client from here and install it in your Windows system. Open Putty Terminal client, you will see following window.

  • How do I SSH into a virtual machine using a password?

  • Set your password, click GO!, and your machine will be running and ready to access using your password only. During the setup process, you will be given the option to provide a public SSH key for the virtual machine.