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Press the Windows Logo +R key combinationsimultaneously to open the Run window. Then type mstsc in the open box and press Enter. Step 2: Enter the public IP address of the vps server

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  • How to connect windows VPS to your computer?

  • Like other operating systems you鈥檒l need to type the username and password to connect Windows VPS (the process of connecting to the Windows VPS from Linux is the same as Windows and Mac OS ).

  • How to set up a VPS in 5 steps?

  • In this article, we鈥檙e going to walk you through how to set up a VPS in five steps: Learning how to log into your VPS via Secure Shell (SSH) access. Updating your server. Creating a new user and modifying its privileges. Enabling public key authentication.

  • How to open a specific port number on a Windows VPS?

  • In this guide we will show you how to open a specific port number with on a Windows VPS or dedicated server. First, open Control Panel and navigate to System Security. Then, open Windows Firewall.

  • How to connect to a virtual private server (VPS) using RDP?

  • When it comes to connecting a Virtual Private Server, the Remote Desktop ( RDP ) is the easiest way to connect. With the help of RDP, you can access the VPS like your personal computer. The most helpful feature of the RDP is that you can use it with any operating system such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Have you ever used RDP?