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What Can You Do With Linux VPS Hosting (Besides Host Websites)?Web hosting. Web site. Web hosting is usually for websites. Linux VPS hosting can also be for email,and file sharing. But what if you don鈥檛 need your website anymore? Maybe you transferred your business and WordPress website to another owner.

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  • What can you do with a VPS server?

  • Hosting a server is one popular thing people put their VPS to use for. It鈥檚 a good way to get your money鈥檚 worth out of your VPS. You can use a virtual server for a variety of tasks, including hosting gaming server sessions, email, applications, backing up files, setting a VoIP, and much more.

  • What is Linux VPS hosting?

  • Today Linux VPS powers the majority of world-leading websites and application infrastructures, being one of the most used operating systems on VPS hosting practices. With Linux VPS hosting you get reliability and security as well as the flexibility of fully custom development and production environments, right after you buy VPS instant activation.

  • What is a virtual private server (VPS)?

  • The breakthrough of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) since the early 2000s has made it increasingly easy and inexpensive for anyone to get an entire data center resource to themselves. This allows greater flexibility for application selection over shared hosting, and a lower cost of ownership than dedicated hosting, with simpler scalability.

  • Can you run a website on a VPS?

  • For example, you can run a static site from your VPS. It鈥檚 enough to run a web server software, like Apache, Nginx, or OpenLiteSpeed, and upload your HTML files. The potential of hosting a server doesn鈥檛 stop there, of course.