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  • What is the pacing therapy for VVS?

  • Pacing is for a tiny minority of patients with VVS, who have a very common condition, bearing in mind that around 40% of the population will experience VVS in their lives 38. Pacing remains a complicated therapy and has been demonstrated so far to be relatively unsuited to the vasovagal challenge.

  • What is the second vasovagal pacemaker study (VPS II)?

  • Pacemaker therapy for prevention of syncope in patients with recurrent severe vasovagal syncope: Second Vasovagal Pacemaker Study (VPS II), JAMA20032892224鈥?229.Double鈥恇lind placebo鈥恈ontrolled trial showing no benefit of cardiac pacing for tilt鈥恜ositive unselected vasovagal syncope patients. [PubMed] [Google Scholar] 25.

  • What are the risks of the VMP?

  • the VMP does not present a direct or indirect risk, even if administered incorrectly, to the animal or animals treated, to the person administering the product or to the environment the summary of product characteristics (SPC) of the VMP does not contain any warnings of potential serious side effects deriving from its correct use

  • Is victim participation in adversarial justice an acceptable practice?

  • As legal cultures are transformed, however, and victims are increasingly perceived as a legitimate party in proceedings, victim participation can become an acceptable practice and a way to inject restorative justice elements into adversarial justice systems.